Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

“Fast Track Scheme to Cypriot Passport for Investors in Cyprus” REDUCED TO € 2 MILLION
One of the main objectives of the economic policy of the Republic of Cyprus is to further encourage Foreign Direct Investment and to attract high net worth individuals to settle and do business in Cyprus. Key factors that make Cyprus an attractive destination for investment, is the highly specialized human capital, the reliable legislative and regulatory framework, the stable tax system and the safety and stability conditions prevailing in the country.


1. A property investment at the value of a minimum of € 2 million (plus vat if any). The investment could be in a single residence and must be retained by the investors for a period of 3 years. After 3 years the Investor has the right to sell his/her property and buy another one at a minimum value of €500,000 (plus VAT if any).

2. The investment in a selection of residential properties, where the investor can use one property as permanent residence of a minimum value of €500,000 (plus VAT if any). The remaining € 1.5 million can be invested in a range of residential properties only, which may be resold after 3 years.

3. The parents of the investor may apply for citizenship aſter the investor had acquired the Cypriot citizenship. They need to hold a permanent privately-owned residence in the Republic of Cyprus, the purchase price of which must be at least €500.000 (plus VAT if any).

4. After the investment, the Cyprus passport will be obtained in 3 to 4 months

5. The program applies to the immediate family of the applicant i.e the spouse and dependent children up to the age of 28 if full-time university students.

6. Applicants must hold a clear criminal record from the country of origin and the country of residence (if different).

7. No physical presence requirement in Cyprus, before/ after approval.
Cyprus European Passport Benefits:
  1. Allows visa-free travel to all European countries
  2. Allows living, working and studying anywhere in Europe. 

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