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Steps to Apply for Citizenship in Granada

Grenada citizenship by Investment program launched in 2013, has in no time expanded in terms of the increased number of investors. What makes the program so impressive is the limitless number of great choices high-net worth people can get from it.

Normally known as the "Spice Islands" because of the overflow of privately developed spices, Grenada gives more than one motivation to visit it. From having charming seashores, amazing cafés and extraordinary festivals, the country has turned into a hotspot for investors.

Allow us now to look at the different ways by which one can apply for citizenship in the country.

1.         Introduction To the Country:

One of the essential justifications for why an ever-increasing number of individuals are inclining toward Grenada over different destination is due to the scope of dual citizenship. The area ranks high in terms of offering multiple opportunities to the investors which include dual-citizenship and visa-free travel to a handful of destinations.

One more justification behind attracting of investors into the state is the advancement of the services sector and the offshore finance industry. This by itself has attributed to the general development of public services as the Grenadian government is working closely with numerous organizations connected with the travel industry and manufacturing. With the assistance of the citizenship program, the public authority is intending to bring sustainable employment through investment opportunities.

2.         Time Frame and Procedure of the Grenada Citizenship Program:
One of the excellent characteristics of the Grenada citizenship program is that it is simple and straightforward unlike the other complicated programs.
As indicated by Grenadian law, applications for Citizenship by Investment can't be submitted directly by the investors. All people interested to get the citizenship of the nation need to contact an authorized specialist for help in the process.  The program goes through different stages which are initial check, collecting the required documents, due diligence, initial approval, and satisfaction of investment conditions. Only after meeting the above conditions the passport is given. The general time limit for handling the identification takes between 3-5 months.
3.         What Are the Investment Options For Grenada Citizenship?

Like each and every country on the planet, Grenada additionally expects candidates to make government contribution or invest in real estate. To meet all requirements for citizenship, the candidates should give a non-refundable measure of USD 150,000 for single candidates.

Investors who prefer to go for a property purchase, a base amount of USD 220,000 is required to a government approved development. Extra expenses apply for this choice and the investment is returned after 5 years.

4.         What Does Grenada Passport Offer?

Grenada Passport offers many advantages some of which are mentioned below. With the assistance of this identification, Grenada citizens have visa free access to 144 countries across the globe. These include the Schengen zone, Singapore, the UK and Hong Kong. In addition, Grenada citizens can likewise travel to China without visa and stay for 30 days.

Moreover, holders of Grenada Citizenship can obtain an E2 visa for the US. This permits them to set up or purchase a business in the United States of America at an amount of $100,000. Other key advantages include:

-           The ability to include dependents, youngsters under 30, unmarried siblings, guardians and grandparents of the primary candidate.
-           No constraints and limitations on dual citizenship.
-           Additionally, there is no physical stay requirements.

Grenada doesn't require investors to pass language tests but will be subject to due diligence check for all family members above 17 years old.

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