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€76M Chinese Golden Visa’ Investments to April

The Portugal News 17-5-2019

Investment by Chinese nationals under Portugal’s ‘golden visa’ programme was in the first four months of this year down 37 percent on the same period of 2018, at €75.7 million, data from the country’s SEF Immigration Office show.
So far this year 138 residence permits for investment activity were assigned under the ARI scheme, as it is officially known, to citizens of China.
In April alone, investment by Chinese nationals under the scheme totalled €16.1 million.

As for Brazilian nationals, investment under the ARI scheme in first four months of the year was down 7.3 percent at €50.5 million, for a total of 69 permits issued. In April alone, Brazilian investment was €7.3 million.
Investment by Turkish nationals in the four-month period was €21 million, with 41 ‘golden visas’ being issued.
As for Vietnam, 17 permits were issued to citizens of that country between January and April, with investment of €6.9 million,
There were also 18 permits issued to US nationals, for €11.8 million in investment.

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