Bulgaria Residency & Citizenship Program

Bulgaria Investor Program for Residence and Citizenship
  • Value of bonds investment is €512,000
  • Fast process to residency (six to nine months)
  • Fast-track option allowing for citizenship within two years
  • No physical residence requirement
  • Guaranteed investment and available financing option
  • No language requirements for residence or citizenship
  • No obligation to relinquish current nationality
  • Lowest tax rates and free trade environment within the EU
Benefits for Permanent Residency:
  • Ability to work, live and study in Bulgaria
  • Access to high quality healthcare in Bulgaria and the EU
  • Passport in year 5 with NO physical residency requirements & NO language test
Benefits for citizenship:
  • Right to live, work and study in Europe
  • Right to own land in a EU country 
The investor program can be executed through two routes
  1. Full Investment:
A deposit of 1 million BGN (€512,000) in Governmental Bond Portfolio for a period of five years. The full amount will be returned to the investor after 5 years without any accrued interest.
  1. Financed Investment:
For a fixed pre-paid reduced amount that will be used to finance the 1 million BGN (€511,292), the applicant can start his residency process. Choosing this option, applicant will need to demonstrate net worldwide assets of no more than €1 million.
Fast Track Citizenship

After one year of holding the permanent residency, the applicant has the option to apply for the citizenship by doubling his investment and showing a personal net worth greater than €500,000.
Financing options are available for qualified applicants.
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