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Why Grenada is a Unique Investment Opportunity

Despite the UAE’s success in confronting recent challenges, it is clear that expats and their families remain susceptible to geopolitical fluctuations. The previous 18 months have shown that the world can be unpredictable and can change rapidly. One security option for high-net-worth NRIs, Arabs and African expats is citizenship by investment (CBI) programs.
By making an investment of $220,000 (excluding government fees) in a country, high net worth individuals and their families - subject to meeting certain criteria - can obtain citizenship. This can provide a number of benefits ranging from tax efficient structuring solutions to visa-free travel to access to advanced healthcare and education for their families.

CBI programs can vary significantly in terms of cost and the benefits however there are numerous options to consider, so it (literally) pays to make an informed decision.
One of the most compelling CBI programs is the Caribbean Island of Grenada, which is the only CBI jurisdiction with access to the E-2 investor’s visa – a visa that can allow access to invest and reside in the United States.
Grenada is in the highest rank amongst all global citizenship by investment programs because of the scrupulous due diligence process and benefits. Its citizens get access to 140 countries. The Grenadians can travel without a visa to destinations such as the UK, Schengen countries, Russia and many more. Grenadians can also travel visa free to China, which is quite unique

• The investment to apply for the E-2 visa generally starts from around $100,000.
• Provides the investor the opportunity to invest and reside in the United States.
• E-2 visa can be issued within 2 months.
• Spouses have the ability to work anywhere in the United States.
• Free education in US public schools and more affordable, in-state tuition costs at US universities.
• The E-2 visa can be renewed indefinitely (each for five year multiples) for an unlimited number of times, as long as the E-2 business maintains operations.
• Global taxation is not applicable if E-2 visa holders spend less than 120 days in the US.
• E-2 visa holders can sponsor specialized employees from their nation (non-family members) to work in their E-2 business.


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