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Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

Time of destiny 2/4/2020

1. Easy Track to Citizenship

Many countries around the world have been working to create incentive programs that will bring much-needed capital into their countries. Cyprus is one of these countries that has developed a very appealing program for foreigners that offers more than just real estate.
The PRP, or Permanent Residency Program, offers members of the EU a chance to become permanent residents on the attractive island. Here are some stats to consider:
  • Almost ½ of all purchase deals were done by non-Cypriots
  • Free movement rights with an EU passport
  • Citizenship is passed down generationally.
The process to become a resident is relatively short and takes around 4 months on average. Starting with the investment program allows you to earn citizenship as well.

2. ROI

Unlike other countries, Cyprus, offers a very attractive and transparent investment model, with real ROI. After only five years your assets can be sold which is a prime time for market appreciation. As a dual citizen, you will also reap the benefits of the low tax rates.
This also means that you won’t pay VAT upon purchase if the property is €500.000. Cyprus has multiple investment opportunities where you can see a great rate or return. Here are just a few ways you can invest:
  1. Government bonds
  2. Assets in Cyprus companies
  3. Commercial, land development, and infrastructure
  4. Residential
  5. Commercial
  6. Cypriote businesses
At a buy-in minimum of only €500.000, the ROI opportunity is very impressive. Speak to an experienced property group to go through each option and track to find what will best suit your investment interest.

3. Rentals

Last but not least, if you neither have nor wish to purchase a Cyprus residence, yet, you can take advantage of the rental business. As you can imagine, rentals on an island that spends almost 100% of the time in the sun, is very lucrative. Choosing a Property Group, such as Prime Property, gets you to access to a wide variety of long-term, short-term rentals, as well as holiday flats.

On the investment side of things, you can also rent out properties you have purchased for a nice and steady earning opportunity.

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