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Price of Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment Program Cut to $250,000

Imidaily 19/8/2018

According to an Official Gazette (in Turkish), new prices are now in effect for the Turkey citizenship by investment program. 
The minimum investment necessary to qualify for citizenship is now US$250,000, down by three quarters from the initial minimum requirement of $1 million. Investors may choose from a variety of options, including real estate, bank deposits, job creation, and capital investments.

The new investment requirements are for real estate $250,000 (down from $1 million); for bank deposits $500,000 (down from $3 million); for capital investment $500,000 (down from $2 million).

For the job creation option, fifty positions of employment are now sufficient, down from 100.

What does Turkey offer? Without visa-free access to Schengen, a Turkish passport in itself is not particularly attractive, but Turkey is an E2-treaty signatory country, which means its nationals are eligible for E-2 visas in the US.

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