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Portugal - World Health Summit Held in Coimbra


Coimbra’s São Francisco Convent has hosted the yearly World Health Summit , and brought several hundred health experts from around the world to central Portugal.
Organised by Coimbra University and Coimbra University Hospital, the main topic to be discussed at this year’s gathering was global health in Africa.

According to the organisers, the meeting was seen as “an opportunity to deepen ties with Portuguese-speaking African countries and the affirmation of Portuguese health in a world context.”

“It is a moment of affirmation for Coimbra to the world, because it is the first time that these summits have focussed so greatly on Africa.
 Therefore, the strategic dimension of Portugal in this connection between Europe and Africa is assumed completely by Coimbra”, said João Gabriel Silva, head of the UC.

In the academic’s view, the summit opens the possibility for Portugal “to play a relevant role in the discussion on global health”, besides representing, “for Coimbra, for the region and for the University, an important step in the path of internationalisation that has been building.”

Emphasising the work of “several years” to reach this stage, the president of CHUC, Fernando Regateiro, stressed that the realisation of this summit “opens paths that help design the institution across borders and its image in the country itself”.

“In choosing the themes for this meeting, we had a great competitive advantage in our proposal, which was profound knowledge, intense relationship and proximity to the people of Africa, particularly Portuguese-speakers”, he said.


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